About Bariatric Medicine Integrated

Bariatric Medicine Integrated is a company that partners with carefully selected surgeons who have a multi-disciplinary approach and can offer patients premium holistic care to support them in their weight loss journey. Our surgeons are all experienced in the field of bariatric surgery and believe in the gastric band as a first line procedure for the majority of appropriately assessed patients simply because it remains the safest operation for weight loss.

They also recognise that whilst there are many bands on the market the Bioring Gastric Band has proven itself to be safe, effective with a low complication rate and has been designed with the comfort and safety of the patient in mind.

All of our surgeons operate out of leading healthcare provider hospitals and work alongside a multi-disciplinary team which includes; dietitians, specialist nurses, physicians and clinical psychologists all experienced in the field of obesity and obesity related diseases and weight loss. Evidence shows that weight loss surgery with a strong multi-disciplinary approach will have significantly better results along with a strong support network.

Bariatric Medicine Integrated understand that the decision to go ahead and have surgery is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and whilst we can’t make that decision for you we can provide you with a dedicated team of professionals that have extensive experience in gastric banding.

Our philosophy is designed to be all encompassing, serving your needs before, during and after surgery to ensure the highest chance of successful results. We are with you through every step of this life changing new journey.